EcoGranite products are environmentally friendly and produced from solid 1-1/4"    recycled granite. The granite is 100% post consumer waste from countertop manufacturing that would otherwise be sent to a landfill for disposal. EcoGranite pavers and veneer are very high quality and can be used for sidewalks, patios, walls, interior tiles, driveways, or any other application you can dream up.
 EcoGranite also produces a large range of other products with recycled granite such as fire pits, benches, cutting boards, serving trays, bowls, whiskey rocks, crosses, signs, art, benches, and custom made to order pieces.


Everything that enters our building is recycled into a viable, usable product that everyone can be proud to use. The more EcoGranite that is used, the less waste that is produced and sent to the landfill, and mined out of the ground.

Help us save the world for future generations while you use a product that will last forever.